About Me

Welcome to my homepage!
I am Ethan Cho, a software engineer from Vancouver, Canada.
I have a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from University of British Columbia.


  • Programming Languages: Python, Java, C#, C++, C, JavaScript, TypeScript, Racket ASL, Assembly
  • Add-ons: Node, Mocha, Yarn, JUnit, jQuery, JSON, REST, Karma, WPF
  • Database: MySQL, JDBC
  • Machine Learning: KNN, Decision Trees, Linear/Logistic Regression, SVM, Random Forest, Naive Bayes, Neural Networks
  • Languages: Bilingual proficiency in English and Korean; Advanced Japanese

Work Experience

  • 2021 Sept - Jan 2023: Software Engineer 1 @ Ping Identity Vancouver
  • 2019 Oct - 2020 Mar: Software Engineer Intern @ KPMG Ignition
  • 2017 Sep - 2018 Dec: Sales Associate @ United Parcel Service
  • 2015 Sep - 2017 Jul: Private Math Tutor


BlackJack BlackJack

  • Android application built with Java and Android Studio to play a classic game of BlackJack on the go.
  • Demonstrates in-depth understanding of object oriented programming principles.
  • Features robust in-game logic that supports all possible player moves.

Kanji Tester Kanji Tester

  • Desktop application built with Python to help users learn and test their knowledge of Japanese Kanjis.
  • Kanjis are sorted by JLPT levels to help users prepare for their respective JLPT exams.

Stock Alert Stock Alert

  • Desktop application built with C# and WPF to help people in lower mainland secure their GPUs for retail price.
  • Scrape the websites of local computer shops and alert users when the user-selected models are in stock.

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